All stories listed below were produced, filmed, written and edited by Steve Mort.

Accidents ignite debate on US commercial space travel Serious accidents with two US commercial spacecraft within a week of each-other in October have re-ignited the debate over the place of private corporations in the exploration of space.

Florida strengthens controversial 'stand your ground' gun laws Since Trayvon Martin's death, the state of Florida has moved to strengthen 'Stand-Your-Ground' laws in favor of gun owners.

Jeb Bush mulling 2016 presidential run Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida, has not announced whether he will run for president in 2016, but he looks like a presidential candidate as he meets with voters around the country discussing issues such as immigration reform.

Tech advances boost hurricane tracking and relief Storm technology experts and relief organisers gathered in Florida ahead of the  US government releasing its prediction for this year's Atlantic hurricane season.

Fabien Cousteau back to daylight after 31 days under the sea The grandson of legendary French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau is back on dry land after spending a record 31 days at an underwater laboratory.

Florida football fans go crazy for Panini stickers With the soccer World Cup just around the corner, thousands of fans are taking part in a football tradition - filling up sticker albums with pictures of their favorite players.

Opposition grows to David Beckham's Miami stadium David Beckham is facing a challenge as demanding as any goalkeeper he's ever faced: overcoming opposition to his plans for a Miami stadium to serve as home to his new team.

Pro-cannabis campaigners turn to baby-boomers in Florida The US state of Florida could become the latest place in America to allow marijuana to go on sale. The Florida Supreme Court this week decided to allow a medical pot proposal to be put before voters in November.

Safe or full of side effects? In US, vaccine fear lives on (Off-air HD) Claims of serious vaccine side effects -- including autism -- may have been debunked but the number of US parents refusing to immunize their children is still rising, worrying doctors that long-gone diseases could one day re-appear.

Storm chasers question the practice after deaths (Off-air HD) Tornado season in the US is far from over, and storm chasers across the country are keeping their eyes on the sky for more severe weather. But the practice of getting close to dangerous twisters has been called into question following the deaths of three experienced storm chasers in Oklahoma in May.

Pot-friendly Colorado debates marijuana laws (Off-air HD) Colorado is grappling with how to make good on its election commitment to legalize the recreational use of marijuana - which sets the state on a crash course with federal law. But some pot entrepreneurs are already open for business.

Gun debate complex for schools near Columbine (Off-air HD) In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, one Colorado county which includes the now-infamous Columbine High School is beefing up security, with CCTV cameras on campus relayed by a central command. But gun rights advocates say that's not enough, and that the key to school safety is arming the teachers themselves.

Marijuana Legalization on the ballot in Colorado (HD) Voters in three US states are set to vote on proposed measures that would make it legal to grow and possess marijuana. Medical marijuana is already permitted in 17 states, but a move in Colorado, Oregon and Washington to allow recreational use has sparked controversy.

Colorado suspect hit with slew of murder charges (Off-air HD) Steve shot the footage in this feed from AFP on the court appearance of alleged shooter James Holmes

Will swing state go for US's 'first gay president'? (Off-air HD) Barack Obama's declaration in support of gay marriage has made him the nation's "first gay president", in the eyes of US media. That's a winning title for the progressive crowd, but might not help in a battleground state like Colorado, where lawmakers just shot down a proposal to legalize same-sex unions. AFPTV looks at how the gay marriage debate is playing out in an election swing state.

Space tourism set for takeoff (Off-air HD) Hundreds of people seeking the ultimate thrill ride are already signed up to be among the world's first space tourists. And several US states are in a breakneck race to set up space ports and cut out a slice of the future space tourism industry.

Republican underdogs count on Colorado (Off-air SD) (HD)
The first month of the Republican presidential contest has been dominated by frontrunners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, but as the voting moves out West, other rivals are trying to prove it's not a two-horse race to the Republican presidential nomination.

Finding fortunes in recycling industrial waste (Off-air SD) (HD) Turning one man's trash into another man's treasure is the goal of a Colorado company that is recovering, reshaping and reselling used industrial materials, from billboards to wine barrels.

Embattled US energy Secretary denies solar company favoritism (Off-air SD) US Energy Secretary Steve Chu visited General Electric's solar manufacturing facility on Friday to highlight US clean energy development, a day after he appeared before a government panel to deny accusations that the now bankrupt solar panel firm Solyndra leveraged political ties to President Barack Obama for a government loan.

Colorado company trains veterans for green careers (HD) (Off-air SD) November 17, 2011 The rate of joblessness among America¹s veterans is on the rise, and it¹s particularly high among those who are homeless, low-income, minorities or women. More than 400-thousand veterans live in the state of Colorado - where one non-profit program is partnering with the government to help equip veterans with the skills needed to seek and acquire jobs in green industry.

After arrests, Occupy Denver braves snow (Off-air SD) (HD) After 20 protesters at Occupy Denver were arrested last weekend, the anti-Wall Street movement has dug in, despite facing a chilling stay in the "mile-high" city as heavy snowfall sets in.

Telenovelas feed US appetite for steamy TV (Off-air SD) (HD) August 29, 2011 Spanish language soap operas -- telenovelas -- are already huge popular hits in Latin America. Now with Hispanics making up 16 percent of the US population, producers are looking to steam up screens a little further north.

US shuttle makes final landing (Off-air SD) (HD) July 21, 2011 The shuttle Atlantis cruised home for a final time Thursday, ending its last mission to the International Space Station and closing a 30-year chapter in American space exploration.

Last space shuttle blasts off into history (Off-air SD) (HD) July 8, 2011 Atlantis blazed a path into history Friday as it rocketed off the launch pad for a final time, marking the last-ever liftoff of the 30-year-old American space shuttle program.

A view inside the space shuttle Discovery June 21, 2011 NASA is preparing its shuttles for their new homes in museums following the final launch of the Atlantis next month. AFPTV climbed into the cockpit of the Discovery as engineers prepare to move it to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.

Finale de NBA: réactions après la victoire Dallas June 13, 2011 The Dallas Mavericks defeat the Miami Heat to win the 2011 NBA Championship.

Little princesses get royal treatment, for a day (Off-air SD) (HD) April 19, 2011 The countdown to the Royal Wedding in London is approaching zero...but Kate Middleton isn't the only commoner preparing to become a princess. Little girls flock to Orlando, Florida every day to get Princess makeovers at Walt Disney World.

Home 'squatters' help to sell America's empty houses (HD) April 4, 2011 As the American housing market continues to struggle, some are trying an innovative approach to selling properties. One tactic is to have "home-managers" move into empty houses in an effort to give them a "lived-in" look -- and make them more attractive to buyers.

In Miami, a new take on Cuba (HD) March 10, 2011 US President Barack Obama's plans to loosen restrictions on travel to Cuba is being met with stiff opposition from Cuban-American politicians in Congress. While the debate over US-Cuba policy ramps up in Washington, the political environment is shifting in Miami - home to the largest Cuban-American population in the United States.

Florida considers the future of commercial space flight (HD) February 17, 2011 With just three more shuttle flights remaining, NASA is stepping up efforts attract commercial operators to its facilities in Florida. The iconic Kennedy Space Center - and the surrounding Space Coast region - is facing an uncertain future after President Obama last year challenged private companies carry out future US missions into orbit.

Miami's Little Havana flaunts Cuban influences January 28, 2011  A huge wave of hundreds of thousands of immigrants over the last decade has caused a dramatic transformation in Miami's Cuban district. In recent years, Little Havana has evolved from a drab inner city neighborhood to a vibrant center of Cuban culture, and its movers and shakers are taking a different tack on their homeland from their elders.

Foreigners get a piece of crisis-hit Florida real estate January 4, 2011  Foreign visitors to Florida are taking advantage of bargain-basement real estate prices to snatch up property in the sun-drenched US state.

Firefly genes could help treatment of heart patients (HD) December 9, 2010  US scientists are using firefly genes make stem-cells glow, allowing them to be tracked inside the bodies of heart attack patients. Researchers at the University of Central Florida are engineering an enzyme found in fireflies to make the cells glow brighter and brighter as they develop into healthy heart muscle. 

Citrus greening attacks famous Florida oranges November 19, 2010  Florida's internationally famous citrus business is in crisis, plagued by disease, cold weather and and drought in recent years. Its oranges, lemons and grapefruits account for 65 percent of citrus production in America, the world's third biggest producer behind Brazil and China.

Getting green energy... from windows AFP September 20, 2010  Ordinary household surfaces such as windows may soon be used to generate electricity. Scientists in Florida have developed a clear coating that can be sprayed onto glass to create solar panels -- and say it is 10 times more effective at harnessing energy than today's commercial solar technology.

Hindu Weddings Rise in the US (HD) AFP September 15, 2010 Some hotels and resorts in the United States are reporting a large increase in bookings by Hindu couples looking to hold lavish weddings. A typical Indian-style wedding can involve hundreds of guests attending multiple ceremonies over several days, so such events are highly profitable for the hospitality industry.

Pastor calls off Koran burning, claims Ground Zero deal AFP September 10, 2010 A Florida pastor who gained global attention with plans to burn hundreds of Korans now says his parish is abandoning the event, claiming he received a commitment from a New York imam to move a planned mosque away from the Ground Zero site.

Religious leaders in Florida react to Koran burning threat. AFP September 10, 2010 Steve gathered reaction to events in Gainesville, FL surrounding the Dove World Outreach Center for AFP-TV

Student lawyers to the rescue of struggling homeowners. AFP July 27, 2010 Florida trails only California in the number of houses in foreclosure, a sign that even as the United States works to emerge from its economic crisis, millions still risk losing their homes or must struggle to make their payments. One group of law students, backed by a government-sponsored non-profit, goes door-to-door in poor neighborhoods, handing out advice about foreclosures and warnings about refinancing scams.

Haiti: How people in Florida are trying to help.  AFP January 14, 2010 Haitians in the United States are following developments back in their homeland closely. Many are trying to find ways to offer assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. One of the largest communities of Haitians in the US is in Central Florida. AFPTV reports from Orlando on how people there are responding to the crisis.

Snake invasion in Florida.  AFP  November 02, 2009 Previously unknown in Florida, many species of snakes -- such as boa constrictors and pythons -- are so well adapted to the State's subtropical climate that it's not unusual to see them in the streets of Miami. American scientists say these invasive species could endanger native wildlife in parts of the United States.

'Happy news' is on the air.  AFP  Thursday August 13, 2009 If you think the news on television is too depressing, an American middle school student may have a solution. A boy from Florida has turned television anchor, establishing an online news program with a difference.

Americans in need to feed themselves on the rise. AFP  Wednesday July 22, 2009 The number of Americans needing financial help to feed themselves is on the rise. The latest figures show 37 million people in poverty in the US in 2007, up from the year before. Around 13 percent of the population is now in poverty. At food banks across the United States, the arrival of summer has brought no respite from work, as ever-longer lines of the needy come seeking help. AFPTV goes to visit a food bank in Florida.

American churches hit the road. AFP  Monday June 15, 2009 In the face of declining congregations, some American churches are hitting the road. Mobile churches are bringing religion to parishioners wherever they are, even on horseback in the case of some Florida cowboys.

Near-Impunity in Florida. AFP - Friday May 22, 2009 Shoot now, ask questions later. A recent law passed by Florida legislators gives residents near-impunity to shoot people who enter their homes.

Business is looking up for Pawnshops. AFP  Friday Apr 17, 2009 Even in times of economic hardship, theres money to be made  particularly in the business of pawn-broking. Business is booming at Americas pawnshops, where the cash-poor have parted with their possessions.

Taking crime-solving to a new dimension. AFP  Thu Apr 9, 2009 Ever more courtrooms in the United States are using 3D technology to reconstruct crime scenes  a technique that juries find particularly helpful but that has some lawyers worried.

Move Over, Inspector Gadget. AFP  Mon Mar 2, 2009 Spy cameras, robots, hi-tech weapons. The Orlando police have begun using all kinds of tools that, until now, were only available to the military.

Where have all the snowbirds gone? AFP - Thu Jan 15, 2009 Real estate agents in Florida say the state is suffering from a decline in seasonal visitors amid the downturn in the American economy.

Global Demand Endangers US Turtles. AFP  Friday Feb 06, 2009 U.S. scientists and environmental groups are concerned that growing global demand for turtles is threatening to wipe-out some species in the United States.