All stories listed below were produced, filmed, written and edited by Steve Mort.

Hispanic television networks in the United States are ramping up domestic production of Spanish-language programming. Traditionally, most Spanish-language programs were brought-in from Central and South America. But now, talk shows and telenovelas (serialized dramas in Spanish) are increasingly being made in the US. Steve Mort went to a studio in Miami to see one of these shows being produced.

26 August 2011

Some hotels and resorts in the United States are reporting a large increase in bookings by Hindu couples who are looking to hold lavish weddings.  Some Indian-style weddings can involve hundreds of guests attending multiple ceremonies over several days, so such events are highly profitable for the hospitality industry.

20 September 2010

Law Students Help Homeowners Facing Foreclosure.
Law students from Florida A&M University are going door-to-door in low-income neighborhoods to educate residents about property foreclosures and loan refinancing scams.
19 August 2010

Sales of condominiums in the United States are rising, despite ongoing volatility in the nation's housing market.
16 July 2010
Amid the recent economic downturn, demand in the U.S. is rising for small wind turbines to power people's homes.
01 June 2010
American bluegrass music remains popular in many parts of the United States. 
28 May 2010
Foreign Tourism Drops in United States
The US government predicts the number of overseas visitors to the United States will rise this year following a steady decline for much of 2009.
04 May 2010
US Space Shuttle Program Nears End of its Voyage
The U.S. space shuttle program comes to an end this year, and a debate is underway over what should replace it.
18 Mar 2010

Iraqi Refugees Face Difficulties Adjusting to Life in US
In fiscal year 2009, US took in nearly 19,000 Iraqi refugees, but for many refugees from Iraq, starting life anew in America is not easy.
29 Jan 2010

Haitian Community in Florida Sending Aid Back Home
Members of Haitian communities across the globe are trying to reach their loved ones in the wake of Tuesday's earthquake.
14 Jan 2010

Powered Parachutes Give Police Eye in the Sky
Police in rural parts of the United States are looking at new ways to fight crime from the air.
4 Jan 2010

Gypsy Jazz Invades America
Musicians in the United States are bringing a unique style of French music to American audiences.
18 December 2009

Increased Number of Snakes Heightens Fears In Florida
One reptile expert is trying to quell the public's fear of snakes by bringing people and snakes together.
1 December 2009
Elderly Americans Learn How to Whack Attackers
Thousands of elderly Americans are learning a form of self-defense using walking canes.
30 November 2009

American Workforce Getting Older, Working Longer
Economic conditions prompt many to put off retirement
28 October 2009

12-Year-Old Boy Broadcasts 'Positive' News on the Internet
Teenage correspondents around the world report good news to inspire others
24 September 2009
Defibrillator Vest Worn by Thousands
In the United states, an estimated 300,000 people die every year of sudden cardiac arrest.
07 September 2009

Newly Poor Lining Up at Food Banks
Demand for food across US is increasing
28 July 2009

Video Games Are New Teaching Tool
Some US schools are using games to make learning fun
17 July 2009
More Expectant Mothers Look to Midwives for Healthcare
Midwives are growing in popularity as the caregivers of choice among expectant mothers, with the number of midwife-attended births in the United States doubling between 1991 and 2008.
30 June 2009
US Greencards Available to Investors
Special program provides greencards to wealthy foreigners willing to invest money in US development projects
12 June 2009
Companies Offering Incentives to Stay Healthy
Some employers in the United States are offering their workers financial incentives to get healthy
19 May 2009
US Lawyers Rely on Computer Technology
Legal experts say US lawyers often turn to technology to help them win cases in court
15 May 2009

Downturn Sees Rise in Repossessions of Yachts, Private Planes
Repossessors take back luxury items from people who cant make their payments on the purchases
16 March 2009
Police Using More High-Tech Gadgets
Technology developed for the military used increasingly by police departments to fight crime
09 March 2009
Patients work out and change diets to extend life expectancy and reduce healthcare costs
09 March 2009
Floridas temporary restrictions are response to concerns by conservationists over growing Asian demand for fresh-water turtles
11 February 2009
Advocates warn shortage threatens legal rights of those who do not speak or understand English
05 February 2009
Florida man switches jobs, from mortgage broker to medical
30 January 2009
Economic downturn is making one immigrants hopes for better life in US less likely
02 January 2009
Fewer elderly Americans wintering in Florida because of the US economic slowdown
10 December 2008
Florida food bank still has donations, but finds demand increasing
25 November 2008
Brazilian singers find it harder than musicians from Mexico or other Latin American countries to break into competitive US music market
22 October 2008
Florida voters, political experts cite housing crisis in high voter interest
20 October 2008
A cup of Kopi Luwak coffee sells for $30 at Sol River Coffee House in Orlando, Florida
30 September 2008
Authorities make tackling crime and poverty in the favelas, the poor communities surrounding cities, a priority
20 August 2008