Steve contributes to WUCF TV's television and online products. His reporting can be seen HERE on the station's website, and on its weekly science show, SciTech Central.

In cooperation with the PBS NewsHour, Steve shoots and edits his stories for SciTech Central. He also conducts interviews for the program.

* A recent outbreak of drug-resistant bacteria in several U.S. hospitals has experts looking for solutions.

* Coral reefs are complex structures that draw thousands of exotic sea creatures, and legions of human admirers. They’re also crucial to a healthy planet earth. But with corals dying off in many of the earth’s waters, scientists are in a race against time to restore these irreplaceable marine features: VIDEO


* The term "Invasive Species" can mean different things in different contexts. Correspondent Steve Mort sat down with UCF Biologist, Dr. Linda Waltesr to explore this important ecological concept: VIDEO