All stories listed below were produced, filmed, written and edited by Steve Mort. 

* Cuban Americans in Miami are giving news of a dramatic shift in US relations with the island a mixed response. Following President Obama’s announcement in Washington, noisy crowds gathered in Miami’s Little Havana section to make their voices heard.

* NASA's new spaceship returns to Earth - Orion orbited the Earth twice and travelled to a height of 5,790 kilometres above the Earth's surface, before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean off the California Coast. STORY

* Hospitals and doctor's offices in Colorado have been hit hard by the financial crisis. Some are still recovering, especially in small towns and rural areas, where keeping afloat financially is difficult, thereby making it difficult to attract medical staff. Many face closure. VIDEO


Steve produced, wrote, shot and edited the opening packages for these editions of Your Vote 2012 from WGBH's World Channel. Hosted by Anna Sale of WNYC.

* The economy is examined, with field reporting from Florida. Included: the recession recovery; the job market. VIDEO

* The Latino vote is examined. Included: the debate on immigration is seen through the lens of Colorado, which has the eighth largest Latino population in the nation. VIDEO


* Check out Steve's videography for Getty Images - The US SkiTeam practices at Copper Mountain, CO ahead of the Sochi Olympics. VIDEO

* Steve put together this story on Food Deserts in America, focusing on one of Denver, CO's poorest neighborhoods - Channel NewsAsia. VIDEO

* Steve covered the recent devasting flooding in Colorado - Channel NewsAsia. VIDEO

* Read Steve's report for Channel NewsAsia on how Colorado marked the one year anniversary of the Aurora theater shooting. STORY

* Steve prepared the set-up report for this discussion on maternal death rates in the United States for Arise News America. VIDEO

* Corn prices drive ethanol concerns - Channel NewsAsia. VIDEO

* Steve shot, wrote and edited this story for Planet Forward on Bloomberg TV. VIDEO

University of Utah scientists have discovered a way to salvage dead trees to make new, stronger lumber. Hosted by Frank Sesno, Director, School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University. VIDEO

* Your interview with the President: Steve was responsible for lighting and second camera in this Google+ Hangout with President Obama at the White House. VIDEO

* Clinton Speaks to NewsMax: Steve shot this two camera interview with former President Bill Clinton. VIDEO

* Republican Presidential candidates debate - France 24. VIDEO

* US tourism industry recovered ten years after 9/11 - Channel NewsAsia. VIDEO

* Singapore's rights record under review at the United Nations - Channel NewsAsia. VIDEO

* Dowry harrassment case - Times Now. VIDEO