All stories listed below were produced, filmed, written and edited by Steve Mort.


* In Palm Beach County, the Jewish population has exploded in recent years. In addition to a sizable older population, the number of younger families has also expanded, and are now calling places like Boynton Beach and Boca Raton home.

* Nearly seventy years after the Holocaust, many survivors of Nazi persecution are facing dire financial hardship. There are some 120,000 survivors here in the United States - many of whom have to rely on social services agencies for help with basics like food and medication. VIDEO

* In Venezuela, violent crime is prompting some of the country's citizens to seek a life abroad. The recent killing of the 2004 Miss Venezuela Monica Spear, and her ex-husband, in a gun attack on their car, has brought into stark relief the security problems facing the country. Among leaving in large numbers are members of Venezuela's Jewish community, who say a lack of personal security, combined with growing anti-Semitism, makes like in the country too hard. VIDEO

* Over the last few weeks in Colorado, a series of tough new gun control measures has been shepherded through the state legislature. One man who's played an important role in advocating for those gun control measures is Jewish lawmaker Daniel Kagan - JN1. VIDEO