All stories listed below were produced, filmed, written and edited by Steve Mort.


Steve shot, reported and edited this story for CCTV America: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder visited Missouri for an update on the investigation into the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson. Some protesters say there is an ongoing race problem in that city.


FLORIDA CITRUS: Steve filed this report from Orlando where the recent arctic cold front caused concern for the citrus industry in Florida and prompted the cost of orange juice to rise. VIDEO


US-CHINA TRADE: Steve reported, shot and edited a series of reports on the US-China beef trade for CCTV America:

PART ONE: US beef farmers are gathered in Colorado this week to discuss the future of their industry. Cattle herds have been hit by recent drought conditions in the western United States. But as Steve Mort reports, beef exporters are hoping increased demand in Asian markets, notably China, will give the industry a much needed boost. VIDEO

PART TWO: US beef industry leaders say they're confident longstanding Chinese restrictions on imports of US beef will be lifted within the next few months. VIDEO


COLORADO FLOODS: Immigrant communities are among those hardest hit by the recent devastating flooding in the US state of Colorado. As Steve Mort reports, many lost important documentation when their homes were destroyed. VIDEO


OKLAHOMA TORNADO: Steve reported extensively on the tornado devastation in Moore, Oklahoma for CCTV News - responsible for producing, writing and fronting daily packages, co-anchoring coverage on CCTV America, and appearing live with regular updates.

VIDEO: Live Intro Packages (CCTV America): DAY 1 / DAY 2 / DAY 3

VIDEO: Liveshots (CCTV News Update): DAY 1 / DAY 2 / DAY 3


AURORA SHOOTING: Steve was part of CCTV's team coverage of the movie theater shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado. This live report was part of CCTV's News Update from Beijing. (Off-air SD)

Steve also covered the Aurora story live for CCTV America, and shot footage and soundbites for inclusion in the reports. (Off-air SD)


Steve interviewed the former US Ambassador to the Six Party Talks on North Korea, Christopher Hill, about rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula and the DPRK's young leader Kim Jong un. VIDEO

"Biomass fuel" is a new form of energy that's gaining popularity across the United States. Wood chips taken from thinned forests are thrown into giant "biomass boilers," which create energy to heat buildings. Advocates praise it as an environmentally sustainable form of energy that's also affordable. But critics say the process can in fact be harmful to the environment. VIDEO

The US oil and gas industry is condemning a move by one Colorado town to impose its own ban on the practice of hydraulic fracturing. VIDEO

The US Federal government is considering its response to votes to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in two states. Pro-marijuana activists are hailing the change, but opponents - including some politicians and law enforcement officials - say allowing pot without a prescription will result in increased drug addiction and higher crime rates. (Off air SD) (Off air HD)

Steve reported, shot and edited the following sidebar story for CCTV's coverage of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft's docking with the Tiangong-1 module. (Off-air SD)

Hundreds of people have already signed-up to be among the world's first space tourists. A number of companies are taking reservations from members of the public seeking the ultimate thrill-ride. Meanwhile, several US states are competing for a slice of that future space tourism industry (Off-air SD) (HD)

Several countries are exploring ways to make more ethanol from sources other than corn. In the US, efficiency improvements have boosted the capacity of corn-ethanol refiners, but critics say there are ways to generate fuel more cheaply using different materials. The US government recently approved blending a higher percentage of ethanol into gasoline. (Off-air SD) (HD)

US retailers say holiday sales are up over last year, but still well below where they were before the recession. As Steve Mort reports from Colorado, business owners are still having to offer incentives to consumers - many of whom remain wary of spending. (Off-air SD) (HD)

Renewable energy experts in the United States say the country is a long way from being able to produce most of its electricity from sources other than fossil fuels. Thirty-five US states have goals for renewable power generation. But, according to the most recent figures from the Department of Energy, renewables contribute to only eight-percent of America's total energy demand. As Steve Mort reports from Colorado, the US is up against many of the challenges faced in countries trying to ramp-up supplies of electricity from alternative sources. (Off-air SD)

China's accession to the World Trade Organization a decade ago has had a major impact on the US agricultural industry. The fast growing Chinese economy has driven the country's appetite for farm products from around the world. As Steve Mort reports from Colorado, American agricultural officials say they see strong potential for further export growth to China in the next ten years. (Off-air SD)

A debate is raging in the US state of Colorado over how best to generate green energy. The United States is using more wind-generated energy than ever before, according the American Wind Energy Association. And Colorado led the nation in the amount of new wind capacity installed during the third quarter of this year. But residents in one city believe not enough is being done, and have voted to begin moves towards ditching the statewide power supplier, Xcel - an aggressive producer of wind power. (HD)

Some US solar panel makers are accusing China of flooding the American market with cheap solar products. The Commerce Department is considering calls for tariffs to be imposed on Chinese made solar panels in the wake of the collapse of several US manufacturers. But China's solar industry is warning against such a move. (Off-air SD) (SD)

A US company says it's found a way to make money off the recession. Re-purposed Materials specializes in devising ways to transform waste from one industry into usable products for another industry. As Steve Mort reports, the company says it's growing rapidly as cash strapped businesses look to save on new infrastructure. (Off-air SD)

As winter weather sweeps across much of the United States, cold temperatures are posing a new set of difficulties for Occupy protestors. Cases of hypothermia have been reported in at least one city. And those camped out are struggling to find ways to keep warm amid rain and snow storms. (HD)

As Occupy protests continue in many major American cities, officials are expressing mounting concern over public safety. Police have been criticized for using allegedly heavy-handed tactics to remove demonstrators from encampments in Oakland and Atlanta. In other places, Occupy protestors are watching developments closely fearing similar moves. Steve Mort reports from Denver where people have been camped out in a city park for about a month. (HD)

The number of Chinese students studying in the United States is increasing. China sends more people to the US to study than any other country, and Chinese citizens account for more than 18 percent of all foreign students at American universities. But the continuing economic difficulties facing the US are prompting a growing number of Chinese students to return home after completing their degrees. (Off-air SD) (HD)

It's ten years since China joined the World Trade Organization. Since then the country's exports, particularly to the United States, have skyrocketed. Most Americans regularly buy products made or assembled in China. Steve Mort reports from the US city of Denver on how residents of that city feel about the "Made in China" label. (Off-air SD) (SD)

The September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States prompted a massive shake-up in Washington. In 2002, President George W Bush proposed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security which brought several agencies together into the third largest US government department. One of the responsibilities assumed by the new entity was controlling immigration to the US. Off-air (SD)

The space shuttle Atlantis has made a safe and final landing at the Kennedy Space Center. It brings to a close NASA's 30-year shuttle program, leaving an uncertain future for the American space agency. Off-air (SD) (HD)

Liveshot for CCTV News from the Secure Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center as the Shuttle Atlantis prepares to land for the last time Off-air (SD)

Liveshot for CCTV News immediately after the launch of Atlantis Off-air (SD)

The space shuttle Atlantis has blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center, despite concerns about bad weather. It's a historic mission that marks the end of the NASA's 30-year-old shuttle program. HD

With the last ever shuttle mission scheduled to lift-off today [Friday], the region around NASA's Kennedy Space Center is facing an uncertain future. Thousands of space workers are set to lose their jobs when the shuttles are finally sent to museums in Washington, Los Angeles and Florida. HD / Off-air (SD)

Final preparations are being carried out ahead of the planned launch of the last ever US space shuttle mission. Meanwhile, NASA officials are trying to chart a future course for the agency. HD / Off-air (SD)

The last ever US space shuttle mission is set to blast off on July 8th. Atlantis will be the final orbiter to be decommissioned when it returns to Earth following its flight to the International Space Station. At Florida's Kennedy Space Center, preparations are already underway to send the other two craft - Discovery and Endeavour - to their new homes at museums in Washington, DC and Los Angeles. HD

Steve shot this footage in Little Rock, Arkansas following recent severe weather. HD

US scientists have created a new oral polio vaccine which they hope could become an affordable alternative to traditional injectable vaccines. Experts in Florida use genetically engineered tobacco and lettuce plants to make capsules which they say are cheaper, and more effective at preventing the disease. HD

The wedding industry in the United States is hoping the upcoming royal nuptials in London could give the bridal business in America a much needed jolt, just as the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana did 30 years ago. HD

Increasing numbers of Americans are turning to charities for help feeding themselves. According to a recent report, one-in-six Americans are at risk of going without food as the weak economy continues to bite. Many are turning to food pantries which accept donated goods, and sell basics to families struggling to make ends meet.  HD

As the American housing market continues to struggle, some homeowners are trying an innovative approach to selling their properties. A trend is emerging where home-staging companies place temporary "home-managers" into empty houses in an effort to give them a "lived-in" look and make them more attractive to potential buyers.

HD (English)

Off-air (SD) (Mandarin: Narrated by 何岩柯 Leon Yun He, CCTV)