Steve reported, shot and edited the opening set-up news packages for Colorado State of Mind - the weekly talk show from Rocky Mountain PBS. He's also produced material for iNews - RMPBS's investigative news unit.

* Episode: Steve reported, shot and edited a segment for the following episode examining the different challenges three Coloradans are facing with health insurance.

* Episode: Steve covered the devastating flooding and its aftermath for CCTV America, Channel NewsAsia, the PBS NewsHour and Rocky Mountain PBS. He prepared the following story for the RMPBS program, Colorado State of Mind: WATCH

* Episode: Eric and Ryan Jensen will be sentenced in January for introducing and delivering adulterated food into interstate commerce. Steve looks at the listeria outbreak of 2011 and steps taken toward food safety in Colorado melon-growing communities since then. WATCH

* I-News: Marijuana businesses and regulators are gearing up for the biggest change in the industry's brief history. Colorado dispensaries will be able to begin selling recreational pot on January 1 to anyone 21 or older. WATCH

* I-News: Increased availability of marijuana in Colorado could lead to more children accidentally ingesting the drug, according to a new study conducted in the state. Voters last fall in Colorado and in Washington state legalized sales of pot for recreational use to anyone 21 and older. WATCH

* I-News: New Nielsen research shows that Latinas are the primary decision-makers in much of the spending by Latino households. The study said that, taken together, Latinos comprise 52 million people in the U.S. population and are the most influential economic sub-set since the baby boomers. WATCH

* Episode: Steve produced the set-up package for this discussion - Cynthia Hessin interviews Colorado Agriculture Commissioner John Salazar about everything from immigration and the farm bill to the recovery of our state's cantaloupe industry. WATCH

* I-News: President Carter and his wife Rosalynn donned their tool belts and hard hats Wednesday and got straight to work on a Habitat for Humanity building site in Globeville, one of Denver's poorest neighborhoods. WATCH

* Episode: A doctor from Florida is bringing his own, unique brand of medical care to Colorado. Thomas Clouse lives in a caravan and travels throughout the country, providing free rehabilitative services to people suffering from movement disorders - including conditions like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. WATCH

* Episode: Charles "Lil Buck" Riley is often called "the Baryshnikov of jookin'", a dance style combining the fancy footwork of hip-hop with the swan-like elegance of ballet. The 25-year-old is hitting the boards this week at the Vail International Dance Festival in Colorado. WATCH

* Episode: The cities of Boulder and Longmont have adopted fracking moratoriums, which are being challenged in court, and Boulder County is considering similar action. Is fracking safe and here to stay? WATCH

* Episode: The Colorado legislature passed a series of gun control measures this session. But several companies have already said they plan to leave the state in protest. WATCH

* Episode: Steve's report and conversation examining the impact of decreasing snow in the Colorado mountain resorts. WATCH

* Episode: Experts discuss oil shale extraction in Colorado. WATCH

* Episode: Undecided voters in Jefferson County could hold the key to the Presidential election. WATCH

* Episode: Current developments in energy in Colorado, including the fate of the wind production tax credit. WATCH

* Episode: On the eve of the historic launch of the Space X capsule to the International Space Station, a look at commercial space innovation in Colorado. Steve reports on private space enterprises in the state, and then discusses the industry with Greg Avery of the Denver Business Journal. WATCH

* Episode: How is Colorado doing in the fight against one of society's most challenging and pervasive afflictions, depression? WATCH

* Episode: Forward to the end of the episode to see Steve's story on the opening of Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective in Denver. WATCH

* Episode: Colorado depends on robust winter snowfall. How is the state doing this year? WATCH (HD)

* Episode: Examination of a proposed bill that would allow foreign students to become US citizens. WATCH

* Episode: Focusing on the rules surrounding hydraulic fracturing - or fracking. WATCH

* Episode: Energy experts talk about Colorado's renewable energy economy. WATCH

* Episode: For Veterans Day we talk to Coloradans involved in bettering life for returning vets. WATCH

* Episode: The Occupy Denver movement and the underlying message about economic equality. WATCH